Music and teaching:

During my childhood in Spain in the sixties, I listened to The Beatles and Vivaldi and started to play guitar at age 9, to then pick up violin at age 10 and come back to guitar at age 13.

I found my first rock group in France at age 16 and played several concerts during my studies of Medicine and Biology.

After studying one year at the Centre d’Information Musicale (CIM) in Paris, I studied two years at Berklee College of Music in Boston (MA). Went to the USA at age 24 to learn how to write music: I actually discovered the musician craft.

Back to Paris in 1982, I studied computer programming and joined a ballroom orchestra for which I wrote arrangements, played guitar and sometimes bass and drums. I started giving guitar lessons.

I then embraced a career in the Information Technology sector, first in the technical field and then in the marketing and management fields. I worked for large companies in France, Spain and Morocco and developed my teaching skills in different sectors: Retail, Bank, Industry, Government. Thanks to English and Spanish languages that I often practice, I became an international consultant for software publishers and then resumed music teaching.

In 2009, I decided to teach music full time!

My method takes advantage of the student’s sensibility to feel the pleasure of listening to then play the heard melody accordingly …

I am keen to show through different styles—classical, jazz, pop—how harmony and rhythm are partners of the melody in creating emotion:

· Listen to the students preferred songs; pick up those accessible to his or her level to teach their transcription and interpretation,

· Teach methods from Yvon Rivoal (Carnets du guitariste), Georges Dandelot (Sight reading notes and rhythm), Jean-Marc Allerme (Singing) and try through a number of musical opportunities to teach instrument technique and the musical language spirit.

Music is a loyal source of joy that I offer you to share.


Fender Jazz Bass head, probably the most appreciated bass model, for both musicians and fans ...

Guitarrón : Mexican instrument that produces a sound equivalent to the double bass.

Philippe Merlin

music, guitar, piano, bass, singing,

composition, arrangement