While learning music, I quickly loved chords on guitar.

I wrote since then a method to learn them: all?

Recommended by teachers and professional musicians, my method to Learn Chords on Guitar provides an introduction to harmony to describe the role of each string within a given chord.

Chord diagrams and tablatures enhance your understanding of musical reading.

Please click on the volume of your interest:

         Volume I : Major Harmony 3 Note Chords

         Volume II : Minor Harmony 3 Note Chords

         Volume III : Major Harmony 4 Note Chords

         Volume IV : Minor Harmony 4 Note Chords

         Volume V : Major and Minor Harmony 5 and 6 Note Chords


Learn Chords on Guitar is available on Amazon in English, French, German and Spanish languages, in Paperback and Kindle formats.

“Los libros de Philippe son un excelente material didáctico, no sólo de consulta sino para desarrollar nuestra creatividad en su posible aplicación y sobre todo para llamar por su nombre a cada una de las eventualidades que encontramos en las partituras.”

"Philippe's books are an excellent didactic material, not only for consultation but also to develop our creativity in their possible application and above all to call by name each of the eventualities that we find in the scores."

Rafael Elizondo

Guitarrista concertista




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Learn Chords on Guitar